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About Us


Welcome to MakeCustomGifts! We are dedicated to life, happiness and memories, what better way to keep those precious moments close than by wearing their reminders! We use top quality materials for your top quality ideas, so shop with us to turn those premium moments into premium socks and accessories.

With custom personalization options, precious material and a wide variety of the latest design and styles, there is no limit to the memories you can make eternal. Our quality products are offered at affordable prices and come with first-class customer service and a secure online shopping experience.


We are a new team based in China, all our products are Chinese-made, including our website. We cherish every opportunity to interact with our customers, especially during your holidays. Help us to learn about your special occasions so that we can all celebrate together to build precious memories and unique ideas. Everything on our website is made with the highest quality and care, ready for your ideas..For any additional questions, comments, compliments or concerns, our top-notch customer service team (service@makecustomgifts.com) is always ready to hear from you.



Email: service@makecustomgifts.c​​om

Tel: +86 15601663573

Address: No. 5016, Wenxiang Road, Xiao Kun Shan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China, 200000

Wroking Time: 7:00pm to 4:30pm Monday to Friday (EST)


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